Saturday, June 1, 2013

Here's an example of how The Bumpy Road philosophy shows up as offering opportunities for positive life change.

Adrian is good friend of mine and a neighbor in Tepoztlan. His help was invaluable in getting out my book--formatting, design, and editing. He is a Mexican who lived for a long time in the US, teaching film making at a University in San Francisco. The U went under, so he lost his job. His marriage failed, and he returned to his home in Tepoz, where he significantly changed his life. Now he lives with Rosario. They have four dogs and two cats. He does film and computer related work, but his REAL contribution, in my opinion, is raising funds and working with neighbors to grow food to share. 


In the greenhouse: Adrian working with a neighbor.


  1. Sounds like a good life to me. Helping others is also recommended as a way to relieve stress by Dr. Hans Selye in his book, "The Stress of Life, " a medical classic. The irony is that his widow sued the Quebec government for stressing him about taxes they said he owed them. I back the widow. Taxes are necessary but agents who collect are not necessary if they are abusive. The should follow Selye's philosophy too.

  2. I checked out the book on Amazon. Said it was a classic, but outdated. Seems someone always there to be critical, huh? Thanks, John, for your input.