Thursday, May 30, 2013

Please give me some feedback on these writings--my memoir and blog--how do they affect you? Have you faced serious lifestyle challenges, and how did you overcome them?

Let's share how we have changed our lives for the better, sometimes as the result of adversity.

My aim here is to post regularly, offering lots of photos of Tepoztlan, the Magic Pueblo, where I have lived in central Mexico for the past 10 years--the streets, hangouts, friends, and especially the magic mountains.

The Bumpy Road work continues. I got now have a bar code (ISBN) and it will be available from Amazon by August. You can still get it from (click on link on the right of this page). Although I have sold about 50 copies, I have not gotten much serious feedback, so please do so if you read it. Should I make it into a one man play?

Calle Cinco de Mayo in Tepoztlan, Mexico

Church on Cinco de Mayo

Eduardo--at a fiesta with the family next door

View from a hike

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