Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bumpy Road Description

Everyone lives a personal “hero’s journey”.  

The Bumpy Road shows how culture clash is a muse for creative transformation. It tells the story of childhood followed by adolescent confusion. 

A boy struggles to become a man by buying into institutions that did not work for him:  marriage to a woman whose entire self-concept was tied to “the relationship”; academia where as a science student success is about publish or perish; the old boy club where lies and back-stabbing were rampant. 

 The 60’s culture came and personal chaos ensued. Relying on mental hospitals to correct these institutional evils created new problems. But the human spirit is resilient.  

The Bumpy Road details how the habit of going to the hospital for help was broken and how a new artistic identity emerged. Exposure to cultural diversity provided opportunities. New struggles and successes were encountered in Mexico. 

Reading The Bumpy Road promotes self-examination and encourages transformation

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The Bumpy Road- A Memoir of Culture Clash Including Woodstock, Mental Hospitals & Living in Mexico

The "Bumpy Road Phenomenon"

The "Bumpy Road Phenomenon"

Imagine you are driving along the road in Central Mexico, south of Mexico City in the formerly volcanic region known as Tepoztlan, "the Magic City". Relaxing and enjoying the scenery, you see the mountains sculpted as mushrooms and temples. Suddenly you hit a bumpy section. You jam on the brakes to avoid destroying the car. Now you need to focus on the next pothole. Everything is up close. A Mexican tells you that the bumps are "dead policemen". Speedbumps and potholes are very common.

Jamming on the brakes is one way to survive life's jagged areas of culture clash.  Unlike the bumps in the road, the bumps of life offer opportunities for reflection and growth.

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